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African-American Heritage Walking Tour Kick Off

February 26, 2021

The African-American Heritage Walking Tour is now LIVE!

This walking tour offers a small glimpse into the vibrant and profound African American community that has flourished in Hillsborough, despite race laws, segregation, and discrimination throughout the history of North Carolina.

Enslaved and freed people of color lived amongst whites, and all races would have interacted daily, which has added to the complexity of this town’s history. Hillsborough had a large population of freed blacks in the antebellum era, which was rare for a small southern town. African Americans created their own communities within the larger town, most of which can still be seen today. Unfortunately, much of this history has been overlooked and lost over time; however, historians are now bringing a new focus to this important part of Hillsborough’s past and are making new discoveries that we are excited to share.


Visit the website or scan the QR Code below to get walking!


The African-American Heritage Walking Tour is brought to you by The Alliance for Historic Hillsborough. Follow us for more events and historic Hillsborough information.