Seven Mile Creek Natural Area

About Seven Mile Creek Natural Area

  • Seven Mile Creek Natural Area contains over two miles of trails.
  • Seven Mile Creek Natural Area is a portion of a larger 366 acre Upper Eno Nature Preserve that includes land that was acquired in the 1970’s and 1980’s at a time when a possible future reservoir was being considered.
  • The acreage is part of one of the larger blocks of natural land undisturbed by roads and development in central Orange County.
  • It includes portions of two significant natural heritage areas – the “Crabtree Creek Monadnock Ridge” and the “Sevenmile Creek Sugar Maple Bottom.”
  • The Sevenmile Creek Sugar Maple Bottom is considered the richest bottomland remaining in the county. The area features a large stand of southern sugar maple, hackberry and swamp chestnut oak; and amazing herb layer; and hosts state-listed rare plants and significant wildlife species.
  • This area was also identified as highly rated prime forest for wildlife habitat. It provides refuge for plants and animals that need large areas to roam with limited human contact, such as turkey, barred owls and red shouldered hawks. It is also recognized as an important wildlife corridor and helps protect the Upper Eno watershed, which provides drinking water to Hillsborough residents

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