The Tourism Board and Tourism Development Authority offer small amounts of funding to assist local non-profits in holding events, doing projects, and initiating programming that will boost visitation to Hillsborough for both day trips and overnight/weekend getaways.

Tourism Board Grant Program

The Tourism Board administers the largest amount of funds ($5,000-$10,000 max per application) with an annual grant program ($25,000-30,000 total annually) that takes submissions in early spring with scoring and final decisions on which grants to fund in May. Funds are then distributed after July 1st for use in that fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

For more information on the program or if you have questions about applying, please contact Shannan Campbell at shannan.campbell@hillsboroughnc.gov.


Tourism Board & Tourism Development Authority

Special Project and Partnership Funding

The Tourism Board and the Tourism Development Authority both also provide smaller (>$5,000) Special Projects & Partnerships funding in which a project, event, or program can ask the Board(s) to partner or be a sponsor of an event, program, workshop designed to increase tourism to Hillsborough. These requests are usually smaller in dollar amount, have multiple partners/sponsors, and arise such that applying for grant funding could not have been anticipated or is not possible due to the timing of the project.

Have any questions about anything on this page? Give Tourism Staff a call at 919.296.9477 or email at Shannan.Campbell@hillsboroughnc.gov