Eight Great Sandwiches in Hillsborough

Eight Great Sandwiches in Hillsborough

Steve’s Garden Market

Pimento Cheese

Steve’s Garden Market is a relatively new player in the sandwich world of Hillsborough.  The family owned grocery and butchery took over the former Bacon’s Meat Market in April.  Along with local produce and an excellent butchery, Steve’s offers a nice selection of deli sandwiches. Their pimento cheese sandwich comes with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.  It’s a southern classic!


The Wooden Nickel

The Nash-Fil-A

The Nickel is a favorite local watering hole that serves a full menu of burgers, wings, and beer.  They just moved to a new location on Churton Street that offers more seating and the same fantastic food.  The Nash Fil-A is the Nickel’s take on a Nashville Fried Chicken sandwich.  Their signature fried chicken breast is coated in hot sauce and topped with slaw.  Have it with some tater tots and on the side and you won’t be left wanting.


Big Bob’s City Grill

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bob’s is a little off the beaten track.  And it’s worth the trip.  An old-fashioned mom & pop café that specializes in soul food, Bob’s also serves one of the best burgers in town.  Not only are these babies seasoned and cooked to perfection, but they are also as big as your whole head! Try to finish one.  We dare you.


Jay’s Chicken Shack

Chicken Biscuit

The chicken biscuit is so simple, yet so important.  A foundational piece of the southern food puzzle, the combination of crispy fried chicken and buttery fluffy biscuit is a divine thing to eat.  Jay’s Chicken Shack does it just right.


Radius Pizza

BLT Beauty

Radius is best known for their wood-fired pizzas, as well they should be.  But, along with their pies, the kitchen puts together a heck of a sandwich.  The BLT is a standout in the category!  Thick cut bacon, juicy tomato, and crispy lettuce are just perfect.  If you want to go for the gold, add some avocado to the mix.  You’ll be happy you did.


The Village Diner

Pecan Smoked Turkey

The Village Diner joined the Hillsborough scene last year, reviving a much-loved restaurant space with a new menu and new ownership.  Their Pecan Smoked Turkey is to die for.  This sandwich is one of those meals that looks so simple, maybe even plain.  Yet, when you’re done, you feel like you’ve eaten like a king.


Saratoga Grill

Portabello Mushroom with Blue Cheese

Saratoga Grill is a local favorite for their lunch and dinner menus, mostly for their steak and seafood offerings and yes, the chowder is divine!  But they also have this wonderful vegetarian sandwich that will make your lunch sparkle.


Hillsborough BBQ

BBQ Sandwich

How could we write this piece without a nod to North Carolina Barbecue?  Hillsborough BBQ Company offers their wood-smoked BBQ on a roll with your choice of slaws (white, yellow, or red).  Top it off with some hush puppies and a sweet tea.  It just doesn’t get better than that.