Eno River Farm

About Eno River Farm

Eno River Farm is a family oriented business focused on the wellbeing of our community, unyielding integrity and an honest work ethic. Here at Eno River Farm we take pride in being an efficient, financially sound business with a positive work environment that is positioned for growth, development and unmatched customer service.

At Eno River Farm, we are here to serve the community. We aim to be fully transparent and to make business decisions with the values of the Hillsborough community, greater Orange County and the rest of the world in mind. Starting with the first decision that Keegan and Jude made to save this land from real estate development and every decision in between, Eno River Farm will provide sustainable agriculture and a unforgettable visit for each of its visitors.


2127 St Marys Rd
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Phone: (910)-622-3226
Email: Email