NC 20 Best Small Towns You’ve Never Heard Of (but should)

Travel Bloggers Alison & Andrew Matheson: FULL STORY HERE

Many people come to Hillsborough, North Carolina for a glimpse at its past through sites like the Antebellum Plantation known as “Ayr Mount” and the Alexander Dickson House, which served as the Confederacy’s last headquarters. Beyond the history, visit Hillsborough to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere against the backdrop of the busy cities Raleigh and Durham.

Speed in via I-85, about five miles from South Durham and Duke University. However, Highways 70 (known as Hillsborough Road in Durham) and 86 offer more scenic routes. Churton Street runs through the town’s historic district, and quite a few of its shops, restaurants (eat and drink at Wooden Nickel Pub), and bars.

A nice Riverwalk starts near Weaver Street Market off Churton and runs along the Eno River, adorned with markers addressing General Cornwallis’s time there during the Revolution. Nash Street runs into the other side of the Eno, also through local favourites like Hillsborough BBQ and Mystery Brewing Company.

Be careful when visiting this Central North Carolina town because you might want to buy a house there. I’ll go as far as guaranteeing you’ll like the area, as Orange County’s motto says, “You’ll be a fan for life.”