Noir At the Bar at Yonder

Noir At the Bar at Yonder


The popular literary event returns with some popular favorites as well as some first-time readers to the area.


On October 26, 2023, at 7 pm, Yonder: Southern Cocktails & Brew in Hillsborough, NC, will host another installment of the popular crime fiction reading series Noir at the Bar.

Noir at the Bar is an international reading event started by Peter Rozovsky in Philadelphia and has since appeared in bars across the globe. Crime fiction author Eryk Pruitt (Something Bad Wrong, What We Reckon) has hosted the quarterly literary event in the area since 2014, and Yonder has been its regional home since it opened in June 2019.

Each installment of Noir at the Bar features 8-10 authors performing their works in front of a live audience. On October 26, the readers will include Eryk Pruitt (Something Bad Wrong), Todd Robinson (The Hard Bounce), Ashley Erwin (Grit Black Blood), Katy Munger (Fire and Rain), Jamie Mason (The Hidden Things), Natania Barron (Queen of None), Rob Creekmore (Prophet’s Debt), and short story author PM Raymond.

The event is emceed by local actor Tracey Reynolds, and all-star bartender Alexis Bravos will be creating themed quaffs for the evening.

“Hillsborough is the perfect venue for Noir at the Bar performances,” said Eryk Pruitt, crime fiction author and co-owner of Yonder. “Folks around here love to be entertained, and Noir at the Bar readings aren’t your typical readings. The authors are performing their work, which makes them far more entertaining than the average library or bookstore reading.”

Over the past year, Yonder has also published a quarterly crime fiction literary journal titled Dark Yonder with Thalia Press. Co-editors Pruitt and Katy Munger will release their fourth journal issue in early November. Readers Raymond and Robinson have been published in past issues, as have other authors such as S.A. Cosby, Mike McCrary, and Nick Kolakowski.

“We sell the issues at the bar, in local bookstores, and of course through online retailers,” says Pruitt. “The Noirs at the Bar, however, is a live and unique event that can only be experienced in person. You don’t want to miss it.”

More information about DARK YONDER and other Yonder events can be found at yonderbarnc.com/dark-yonder/


WHAT: Noir at the Bar

WHEN: October 26, 2023 at 7 pm

WHERE: Yonder: Southern Cocktails and Brew at 114 W. King St, Hillsborough NC, 27278
WHAT: A quarterly literary reading to celebrate the latest release of Yonder’s crime fiction publication

WHO: Readings by Eryk Pruitt, Katy Munger, Todd Robinson, PM Raymond, Jamie Mason, Natania Barron, Ashley Erwin, and Rob Creekmore.